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I hope that you enjoyed this blog and you learned elements about Dior. It was a pleasure for me to realize this blog and to show you the world of Dior. Don’t hesitate to see websites that I put in links, you will see very beautiful products,…

Bye, Bye Wallie

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Dior phone-An brand expansion

Like I showed you in a previous post, Dior has multitud products. And this new post emphasize it. Dior purposes to customers, a Dior phone. This is a product in order to extent their brand. Phone is an important product nowaday,Dior makes that it is a luxury product.


More, when the I-Phone get out, Dior house realised a spot specially for the I-Phone in order that customers see it on their phone.

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Advertising for men


This ad is on the beach where colours, blue and white are put on evidence. Through this ad, we can see two points. Strengh with waves, the music and the sea. Then, freshness with Jude Law dressed in white and the sea.

Dior wants to show that men are strong, they like competiton but they stay smart and beautiful. That’s why they use this slogan during the spot: “You know who you are, but you want where you stand, the game is one.”

At the end, we can see Jude Law in the middle of the sea in order to show that perfume give power.

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Dior changes for St Valentin

To Saint Valentin, Dior changes the famous perfume “Poison” created in 1985 for a collector publishing. These three bottles are inspired from the old China. The aim of this operation is having a special bottle for a special moment. Customers are pleased to have a different product which will become a collector. In marketing, this operation is usually realize to increase sales and customers put the attention on products

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Last icon of Dior – Sharon Stone


In this post, I would like to show you the last advertising of Dior. For these ads, they choice as icon Sharon Stone. First, they choice her because it is a real sex symbol and an international actress. They signed an agreement of 40 millions dollars in order she becomes the new symbol of “Capture”. “Capture” is a cream for women who are 40 years old and more. Sharon Stone is appeared in advertising poster and a TV commercial only published in Asia.

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TV Advertising

Through this video, we can see Marketing methods of Dior and targets they search to obtain. In 30 seconds, Dior success to give a message of luxury, beauty and a glamour moment. For this, they use several elements. First, they use two colours, black and gold. Charlize Theron, the model wears an amazing black and gold dress. She is certainly in a castle or a luxury house. During the ad, she is taking away her jewels, her dress and she has no make up. Like saying that she can live without something. At the end, we can see the perfume “J’adore”, it’s focalize on.
This ad focalize on the perfume and show that women are crazy of it. Wear this perfume is like that we are dress!!!!!!

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Dior Products

Through this article, I would like to show you the extent of rage of Dior. As you know and you read in my last post, Dior is since the beginninig a couture house for men and women in Paris. The last collection Autumn/Hiver 2009 was the last week in Paris in “Le Grand Palais”. The creator is John Galliano. Below you can see a model of the last collection. Collection 2009

Since the creation of Dior house, a multitude of new products appeared. The most important are perfumes; Dior Addict, Midnight Poison, Miss Dior Chérie, Dune, J’adore, … for women. Fahrenheit, Eau Sauvage, Black XS, Dior Homme Sport, Higher Energy,… for men. For theirs advertisings Dior often calls actors or celebrities like Jude Law, Charlize Theron and Eva Green.

Dior is one of the most important brands across the world. Couture house is present for mode and beauty market in general. Marketing is focalized on women and men beauty. Glamour, luxury, gold are their main etiquette. 

To finish, Dior purpose to theirs customers, jewels, make-up, care, accessories and glasses products. Dior chose to purpose a wide range of products in order to be very present on the beauty and luxury market. Soon, I will show you an TV advertising and explain you their method. 

Perfume J'adore

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The Story of Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in 1905 and passed all his childhood in Normandy. In 1928, he opened a picture gallery and exposed works of very large artists; Picasso, El Salvador Dali,… In 1940 years, he joined Lucien Lelong a very famous dressmaker of thsi time. He drew the future collections during several seasons. In 1946, he left him and founded his own couture house to the 30 Montaigne avenue in Paris. In 1947, he showed his first collection. It was a true revolution. Christian Dior have invented the style “New Look”, fine size with loose skirt in the shape of corolla. With him, Paris became the city of the world or were born the most beautiful dresses.

But success would not have been complete without teh creation of his house of perfume and the appearance of his first fragarnce called “Miss Dior” in 1947. In 1966, Mr Dior died of a heart attack, he was only 52 years old.

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Welcome Everybody,

I will present to you my favorite luxury brand : Dior. Thanks to this blog, I hope to learn you a lot of things about Dior, show you theirs advertisings and method of Marketing. And discover every products Dior purpose on the market.

Have a good visit,….


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